Louis G. Hutt, Jr. CPA, Advisor and Attorney 877-640-6342


Louis G. Hutt, Jr., CPA, Esq.

 Managing Member & CEO

Louis is responsible for providing management advisory assistance, including business development, strategic planning, as well as accounting and auditing tax services.  Louis  holds degrees from the School of Business of Washington University and the University of Maryland School of Law.  His is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant and an attorney.




Kevin T. Hutt, Sr., CPA, MBA

Executive Member

Kevin is responsible for technical business support and financial accounting services. His work includes assisting contractual CFO relationships, business tax planning and preparation, implementing accounting and financial control systems, and financial auditing. Kevin is a graduate of St. Louis University with a Masters Degree in Finance from Morgan State University. He is licensed as a Certified Public Accountant.




Mahoganey J. Hutt-Butler, Esq.

 Executive Member

Mahoganey is the Director of Operations and responsible for strategic planning and business development. Her work also includes contract review and drafting, corporate planning and estate planning. Mahoganey is a graduate of Spelman College and University of Maryland School of Law. She is licensed as an attorney.




Louis G. Hutt, III, CPA

Executive Member

Louis is responsible for individual tax planning, preparation and resolving complex tax cases.  Louis is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.



Keith Price, B.A.

 Director of Tax Services

Keith is principally responsible for tax planning, preparation and representation of individuals. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Frostburg State University.